Writing for Distinction (HKDSE)

Writing for Distinction (HKDSE)
Writing for Distinction (HKDSE)
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The four authors of this book excelled in the HKCEE, attaining 10A, 9A, 8A and 6A3B respectively. The 40 essays cover topics from past papers and other hot issues. Vocabulary, phrases and well-written lines are shortlisted to expand student's writing resource bank. The usage and common error corners are designed to help students clarify, consolidate and explore grammar concepts while developing fluency in writing.
Reading through this book, students not only can upgrade their writing skills, but also put into practice the strategy proposed for the NSS English Language Curriculum - to learn English through...
 Sports communication
 Popular culture
 Short stories
 Workplace communication
 Social issues
It is more than just a writing reference book.
本書四位作者中學會考成績優異,分別考獲10A、9A、8A及6A3B佳績。書中40篇文章的題目包括Past paper考題及其他熱門課題,甚有參考價值。文章更附有單詞和短語解釋、精華文句摘錄、英語運用及常犯錯誤部分,有助同學豐富詞彙,釐清英文語法槪念,提升英語寫作能力。

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