Write it Right

Write it Right
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Write it Right
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Grammatical knowledge is of course important, but it alone cannot enable you to communicate effectively in English. Also, writing is not just about language skills: a good piece of writing must have sensible ideas and an organised structure.
Reading is beneficial because it enriches your mind, and helps you learn how to organise ideas and structure an essay. The writer's belief is that if students put effort into reading some high-quality essays closely and carefully, just as they do while studying Chinese, they will learn English much more effectively. This book was written specifically with this belief in mind, and its key features include:
 Different types of model essays covering a wide variety of topics, from everyday activities and creative stories to social issues and global phenomena
 Writing guidance/analysis in Chinese next to each essay to facilitate your learning process
 Useful words and sentences explained in detail to increase your vocabulary power
 Helps you learn how to organise ideas and structure an essay

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