Tricky Mathematics

Tricky Mathematics
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Tricky Mathematics
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  • ISBN: 9789881959409
About the Tricky series:
 Full coloured printing, pocket-sized, easy to carry
 Adopting a light-hearted approach to make your learning process a fun experience
 The ace in the hole to save you from falling victim to the hidden exam traps
 Helps you get rid of misconceptions and beat the exam
Features of Tricky Mathematics:
 47 tricky questions featuring typical pitfalls in calculations
 "Prologue" gives an idea of where the tricky part of the question is
 "Get CAUGHT" includes common mistakes students would make
 "Get RID" shows the correct solution to the tricky question in "The TRAP"
 "Epilogue" provides a whole picture of the trick and invaluable advice on tackling similar questions
Tricky 系列簡介:
 「Get CAUGHT」演示錯誤解答
 「Get RID」詳列正確答題方法

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