Primary 2 English Exercise

New Steps in Reading Comprehension 2出版社 Original Press (Asia) Ltd.尺寸 16K (190 mm × 260 mm)ISBN: 978-988-77098-4-8Intensive exercises set to be mildly to moderately challengingWritten with consideration of the general grammar and vocabulary acquisition level of Hong Kong primary school..
【小朋友做到唔願停,做完追問有冇下一本嘅神奇英文練習?!】大量真實用家分享: 因小朋友能投入到故事當中,不但會全神貫注做練習和閱讀故事,完成練習後更不斷追問是否有下一本!不是普通的小學英文練習 -- 故事書, 遊戲冊, 小學英文練習三合為一大故事連貫練習內容, 小朋友追住劇情, 自動自覺完成一本練習有 5 個故事每本均包含讀、寫、英文生字、文法練習及趣味英文遊戲由牛津教育碩士及豐富教學經驗香港小學教師團隊編寫插畫師畢業於中央聖馬丁學院藝術及設計學院 (CSM), 精美設計及插圖助學生培養藝術美感符合教育局提出, 最有效英文學習方式: 情景教學推廣 Learning should be fun ..
New Steps in English Grammar 2出版社 Original Press (Asia) Ltd. 尺寸 16K (190 mm × 260 mm) ISBN: 978-988-77097-1-8Written in line with the current syllabusQuestions deliberately designed in passages to help students not only improve their grammar and vocabularybut also broaden their knowle..
Smart Learning Reading Comprehension Primary 2 出版社: Original Press (Asia) Ltd.尺寸: A4 (210 mm × 297 mm) ISBN: 978-988-14371-1-2 Reading materials cover a wide range of text types for different key stages as stipulated in the English Language Curriculum by the EDB Forma..
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