New Steps in Reading Comprehension 2

New Steps in Reading Comprehension 2
New Steps in Reading Comprehension 2
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New Steps in Reading Comprehension 2

出版社 Original Press (Asia) Ltd.
尺寸 16K (190 mm × 260 mm)
ISBN: 978-988-77098-4-8

  • Intensive exercises set to be mildly to moderately challenging
  • Written with consideration of the general grammar and vocabulary acquisition level of Hong Kong primary schools
  • Certain topics that expand students’ horizons and provide alternative perspectives for students to look at items, objects, people and issues in everyday life
  • Adaptations from classic poems, tales and stories to cultivate students’ literary sense
  • Questions set in line with test formats commonly employed in Hong Kong schools
  • Question types include: fill in the blanks, MCs, true or false, short and long answer questions, finding
  • synonyms, numbering and ordering, map reading and pin-pointing…
  • Suggested answers for reference
  • 一般至中等難度的强化練習
  • 參考香港一般小學生的語法和詞彙程度
  • 所選題材有助擴闊學生視野,爲學生提供另類角度,觀察日常事物,人物和問題
  • 文章改編自古典詩詞,寓言和故事,以培養學生的文學意識
  • 問題根據香港學校常用的考試格式和類型設定包括:填空題,多項選擇題,是非題,短答和長答問題,尋找同義字,排序,地圖閲讀等
  • 附設參考答案

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