New Algebra 2

New Algebra 2
New Algebra 2
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Maths for Junior Form Students is a series of Maths exercises tailor-made for Form 1 to 3 students. The exercises are organised into three major areas - Algebra, Geometry and Data Handling, in accordance with the current curriculum. This ensures a systematic way for revision on key concepts and techniques, as well as their applications on various aspects. In each topic, questions of different styles are set so that students can sharpen their skills and reinforce their understandings. Through these exercises, students can build up a solid foundation to meet the future challenges when they are promoted to senior forms (F4 - F6).
Key features of the book:
 Contains nearly 400 questions
 Categorised into 3 levels of difficulty
 Worked examples in each sub-topic
 Solutions with detailed working steps
Maths for Junior Form Students 是專為中一至中三同學度身訂造的一系列數學練習。練習按現行的課程綱要編寫,包含代數學、幾何學及數據處理三大範疇,能讓同學有系統地複習重要概念、答題方法,以及在各方面的應用技巧。由於每個課題中均設不同類型的問題,故有助同學提升解題技巧及加強對課題的理解。同學可藉着完成這些練習來建立穩固的基礎,作好準備以迎接日後高中課程的挑戰。

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