Mastering Mathematics 4A

Mastering Mathematics 4A
Mastering Mathematics 4A
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  • Series: Mastering Maths
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  • Size: 190.00mm x 260.00mm x 10.30mm
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  • ISBN: 9789887639893
本產品是文憑試 DSE適用的數學Mastering Maths系列的Mastering Mathematics 4A
產品尺寸:16K (190x260mm)
Mastering Mathematics is a series of exercises specially tailored for F.1 to F.6 students.
All questions of the series are written in accordance with the current curriculum.
This series is not only a rich source of questions at elementary and intermediate levels, which aims at providing sufficient opportunities for students to lay a solid foundation on the subject.
Addressing the question styles widely adopted nowadays, real-life applications and DSE type questions are included. Students should then have a better understanding of each topic and thus, be at a better position to master and apply what they have learnt. We are confident that students’ performance in tackling problems encountered during examinations should be greatly enhanced.

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