Mastering Mathematics 3A

Mastering Mathematics 3A
Mastering Mathematics 3A
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Mastering Mathematics is a series of exercises specially written for Forms 1 to 3 students. This series is a rich source of questions at elementary and intermediate levels, which aims at providing sufficient opportunities for students to lay a solid foundation on the subject. Addressing the question styles widely adopted nowadays, real-life applications and some challenging questions are included. Students should then have a better understanding of each topic and thus, be at a better position to master and apply what they have learnt. We are confident that students' performance in tackling problems encountered during examinations should be greatly enhanced.
The exercises in this series are meticulously-structured to cater for the needs of students with different levels of ability.
 The Elementary Section contains basic questions which test students their fundamental understanding on each topic.
 The Intermediate Section comprises questions which involve more steps or more complicated calculations, requiring students to put in more effort.
 The Multiple-choice Section includes questions which cover the whole topic, thus giving students a more comprehensive test of their understanding on the topic.
 Application Questions help arouse students' interest in the topic as they are set in case-based style and are closely related to daily life. In order to make themselves be able to tackle most of the questions in this section, students are required to master what they have learned from the topic and then apply the knowledge to various situations.
 Challenging Questions are set for those higher achievers who not only master the whole topic, but also have the desire and ability to explore more.
 Interesting Questions are also included in some of the topics. After tackling these fun questions, students will become more interested and gain more insights in the topics.

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