Mastering English 5A

Mastering English 5A
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Mastering English 5A
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About the series:
 The widest range of possible questions and tasks within the HKDSE guidelines are used.
 Each year of the NSS HKDSE is reflected in the degrees of difficulty, from S4 to S5 to S6.
 Books 4A and 4B are singularly-focused books with no division into Sections 1 and 2 in Part B to enable students to concentrate on the core of Paper I.
 Books 5A, 5B and 6 are fully comprehensive and closely follow the examination format.
 All reading passages reflect local and international situations.
 Question range from simple 're-phrasing' and 'repetition' to more demanding 'back-reference' and 'vocabulary' to ultimately more challenging 'implication' and 'gist' types.
 Each book contains suggested answers with which to check and corroborate answers.
About the author:
 The author is a native English-speaking teacher of 30 years who grew up and was educated entirely in the United Kingdom. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Aberdeen and started his teaching career at an international school in Antwerp, Belgium where he taught English, history and economics before returning to Hong Kong in 1992. He took his teaching practice degree at Hong Kong University and worked in a Band 2 and Band 3 school and an 'elite' Band 1 boys school for 23 years. He has been an English Panel and History Panel Chairman for a total of 15 years. Though not an English major at university, the author scored 4.7 out of 5.0 in the Language Proficiency Aptitude Test as required by the EDB and has previously written English text books for the now defunct HKCEE as well as his most recent books, the Mastering English Series and Common Errors in English Series. He is now retired and writes professionally. 
Mastering English 系列特點:
 4A 和 4B 兩冊練習中,B部並沒劃分為B1和B2兩部分,以讓同學重點操練卷一核心題目
 5A, 5B 和 6三冊練習全面涵蓋卷一各類題目 ,擬題緊貼香港中學文憑試評核模式

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