Last Minute Mathematics (F3A)

Last Minute Mathematics (F3A)
Last Minute Mathematics (F3A)
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  • Series: Junior Last Min
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  • ISBN: 9789628284290
About the Last Minute (F1-F3) series:
 Follows closely the latest CDC curriculum (Secondary 1-3)
 Key points are extracted and presented systematically
 Ideas are presented in the forms of bullet points, tables and diagrams for easy reference
 Pocket-sized, easy to carry
About the Last Minute Mathematics (F1-F3) series :
 Consists of 6 booklets, each organised systematically according to the latest CDC Mathematics Curriculum for junior secondary students
 Comprehensive coverage of essential concepts in a clear and concise manner
 Numerous examples to help students familiarise with the methods of tackling different types of questions
 A "Check your understanding" exercise (with answers and explanations) at the end of each chapter for practice and quick revision

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