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Simply mock - HKDSE Mathematics - Compulsory Part

Simply mock - HKDSE Mathematics - Compulsory Part
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Simply mock - HKDSE Mathematics - Compulsory Part
  • Stock: Coming Soon
  • Series: Joint-Us Past Mock
  • Weight: 655.00g
  • Size: 210.00mm x 297.00mm x 18.50mm
  • SKU: PM-MATH-23-EN
  • ISBN: 9789887639701

本產品是文憑試 DSE適用的Simply mock - HKDSE Mathematics - Compulsory Part
產品尺寸:A4 (210x297)

Features of the Book
-Two Complete Sets of Mock Exam Papers: Includes both Paper 1 and Paper 2, providing comprehensive practice opportunities. These question papers align with the most recent HKDSE formats and cover all common topics, including some of the more demanding question types.
-Detailed Marking Schemes: Provides marking schemes for Paper 1, including alternative answers for selected questions. This feature helps students understand different approaches to solving problems and grasp the fine line between gaining and losing marks when marking their own answers.
-Worked Steps for All MC Questions: Each multiple-choice question in Paper 2 is accompanied by detailed, step-by-step solutions that demonstrates how to obtain the final answer from the given conditions. This thorough explanation not only makes complex problems easier to understand but also clarifies reasoning and illustrates problem-solving techniques.
-Analysis of Common Errors: Identifies frequent mistakes made by candidates who have taken the mock exam. Explanations are provided to help learners understand and avoid these pitfalls, thus improving their own exam performance.
-Insightful Data Analysis: Features distributions and statistics derived from the performance data of candidates who have taken the mock exam. This analysis allows students to estimate whether they can outperform their peers, thereby aiding in the development of targeted study strategies.

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