Form 3 Integrated Science Exercise

Integrated Science 400 - F3A comprehensive approach to integrated science出版社 Hong Kong Joint-Us Press尺寸 16K (190 mm × 260 mm)ISBN:978-988-77104-7-9FeaturesQuestions grouped by topic to help students consolidate key conceptsIncluding different questions types: multiple-choice, matching..
• About the Last Minute (F1-F3) series:   ◊ Follows closely the latest CDC curriculum (Secondary 1-3)   ◊ Key points are extracted and presented systematically   ◊ Ideas are presented in the forms of bullet points, tables and diagrams fo..
Mock To SuccessIntegrated Science - F3Comprehensive practices for tests and exams(適合修讀Phy, Chem, Bio的中三同學)出版社 Hong Kong Joint-Us Press Ltd.尺寸 A4 (210 mm × 297 mm)ISBN: 978-988-77103-2-5Different topics tested together for a more realistic exam experienceInclude the most common exam qu..
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