Frequently Asked Questions - School Order

Customer needs to select the customer type as "School Teacher/Tutorial Centre" when registering, we will approve your application as soon as possible once you application is submitted.
We will contact you by email to verify your Business Registration Certificate If you are applicating a tutor centre account.

Schools are qualified for discounts regardless of the number of books ordered, and we offer free delivery.

In general, the products will be delivered within 5-7 business days after the order is made. If there are any requests for the delivery date or time, you may leave relevant information and contact methods as remarks at checkout (Mobile phone number of the teacher are preferred as we may contact you via WhatsApp). Our staff of delivery department will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time whenever possible.

You can place the order first. After receiving and checking the products, e.g. confirming that there are no wrong pages, missing pages or other problems, please make the payment within 14 days. If payment is made through the accounting department of the school, you may follow the accounting procedure of the school.

You can pay through cheque, bank transfer or ATM transfer.

The cheque should be make payable to "Hong Kong Joint-Us Press". Please write down the invoice number on the back of the cheque, and mail the cheque to GPO Box 1248 Hong Kong, Hong Kong Joint-Us Press.
Bank transfer
If bank transfer is chosen, please make payment to
1. HSBC 116-709130-001
2. Bank of China 012-611-0-012060-9
3. Bank of East Asia 015-235-40-40567-5
4. Chiyu Banking Corporation 039-733-000-67990
and send the photo of the bank receipt to us by:
    Method A: <Payment Proof upload> Online form in your login account page(Appendix1)
    Method B: Fax: 30119818
    Method C: WhatsApp: 93268785 
    Method D: Email:


If there are quality issues related to printing or damage caused during packaging and delivery, we are happy to arrange an exchange for you.


If you are order by Fax/Email/Telephone, please contact us by WhatsApp (93268785) or phone (29509787).

If you are order form online shop, Please use our Product Return function.


Teachers may leave the damaged books at the school office. We will reach out to your school and arrange the exchange as soon as possible.

If an official receipt is needed, please send a request to our accounting staff by WhatsApp (93268785), with the addressee of the receipt and to whom we send the receipt to.