English in One Minute - Tenses

English in One Minute - Tenses
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English in One Minute - Tenses
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Features of the English in One Minute series:
 Tailor-made for the NSS English Language Curriculum
 Full-coloured version, written with captivating real-life examples and illustrations to arouse students' interest in learning
 Explanations are provided in a concise manner for easy understanding
 The portable size allows students to study anywhere and anytime
Do you hesitate about which tense to use in your writing? Often make errors in tenses? If so, English in One Minute - Tenses is the good news for you! Key features of the book include:
 English-Chinese bilingual edition
 Clearly organised into 12 chapters, featuring "Simple Present Tense", "Present Continuous Tense", "Simple Past Tense", "Past Continuous Tense", "Simple Future Tense", "Future Continuous Tense", "Present Perfect Tense", "Past Perfect Tense", "Present Perfect Continuous Tense", "Past Perfect Continuous Tense", "Future Perfect Tense", and "Future Perfect Continuous Tense"
 Concise yet comprehensive explanations supported by numerous examples
English in One Minute 系列特點:
你在寫作時有否因不知該使用何種時態而躊躇苦惱?又或常誤用時態?若真如此,English in One Minute - Tenses 或能助你消除這煩惱!本書特點包括:
 編排分明,涵蓋12種時態——「一般現在式」(Simple Present Tense)、「現在進行式」(Present Continuous Tense)、「一般過去式」(Simple Past Tense)、「過去進行式」(Past Continuous Tense)、「一般將來式」(Simple Future Tense)、「將來進行式」(Future Continuous Tense)、「現在完成式」(Present Perfect Tense)、「過去完成式」(Past Perfect Tense)、「現在完成進行式」(Present Perfect Continuous Tense)、「過去完成進行式」(Past Perfect Continuous Tense)、「將來完成式」(Future Perfect Tense) 及「將來完成進行式」(Future Perfect Continuous Tense)
 解說簡明而全面, 例子豐富

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