English in One Minute - Conjunctions

English in One Minute - Conjunctions
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English in One Minute - Conjunctions
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Features of the English in One Minute series:
 Tailor-made for the NSS English Language Curriculum
 Full-coloured version, written with captivating real-life examples and illustrations to arouse students' interest in learning
 Explanations are provided in a concise manner for easy understanding
 The portable size allows students to study anywhere and anytime
About the book:
 As the name suggests, conjunctions are the linking words that connect and show the logical relationships between sentences, phrases and words. An appropriate conjunction is like the missing piece of the puzzle that completes the whole work. Without it, all text would appear fragmentary. Conjunctions are, therefore, of utmost importance and cannot be overlooked. Although conjunctions do not sound strange to us, many students are still confused by their usage, which causes incoherence. The English in One Minute - Conjunctions is thus there to help and the key features include:
 Designed in a simple and straight forward manner, easy to understand
 Clearly and comprehensively explains the correct usage of over 30 essential conjunctions
 Example sentences in both English and Chinese that illustrate and clarify each item
 Helps students prevent, identify and correct common errors in conjunctions
English in One Minute 系列特點:
 顧名思義,連接詞是連接句子、片語或字詞的詞語,用於表達特定的邏輯關係。文章若缺乏適當的連接詞,就如少了一塊拼圖般殘缺不全,可見連接詞相當重要,不容小覷。雖然同學對連接詞並不陌生,但卻未能掌握連接詞的各種用法,以致文句不通。English in One Minute - Conjunctions正針對此方面幫助同學學習,其特點包括:

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