English Writing Selected

 – A collection of top sample writings for HKDSE by 24 Law Undergraduates – Features  • 24 essays by 24 law undergraduates showcasing 24 distinctive styles of writing • A novel approach to learning how to write well: the original brainstorming mind maps of ..
• Features of the book   ◊ 13 chapters centred around different themes of HKDSE English Language curriculum   ◊ Examples illustrating a specific grammar structure, followed by practice exercises for consolidation   ◊ Sample articles demo..
• Features of the book:   ◊ Designed with the aim of helping students develop writing skills and grammar awareness through exposure to a wide variety of well-written essays   ◊ Helps students understand how different language items perform communicative fun..
Features • 72 essays by two top students of completely different writing styles • Selected vocabulary items and phrases with Chinese translation to increase students' vocabulary power and expand their resource bank for writing • Examples included to il..
• Grammatical knowledge is of course important, but it alone cannot enable you to communicate effectively in English. Also, writing is not just about language skills: a good piece of writing must have sensible ideas and an organised structure. • Reading is beneficial because it enrich..
• The four authors of this book excelled in the HKCEE, attaining 10A, 9A, 8A and 6A3B respectively. The 40 essays cover topics from past papers and other hot issues. Vocabulary, phrases and well-written lines are shortlisted to expand student's writing resource bank. The usage and common error co..
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