Understanding English: Punctuation

Understanding English: Punctuation
Understanding English: Punctuation
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本產品是英國練習適用的英文科UK-EN系列的Understanding English: Punctuation
產品尺寸:A4 (210x297mm)
Understanding English is a series of topic
-based study books for children in Key Stage 2, providing rigorous practice of key subject areas.
Each topic contains a concise summary of the information required by the National Curriculum, making the series ideal for use as preparation for the Key Stage 2 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test.Each book is a stand-alone resource, so children can either work through them in order or focus on individual aspects of the subject.
Together, the eight books support the whole of the Key Stage 2 English curriculum, providing a solid foundation for success in English.Punctuation meets the National Curriculum requirements for Key Stage 2 English, and covers the following areas: apostrophes, inverted commas, direct speech and dialogue, parenthesis, bullet points, questions and question marks, colons and semicolons.
This book explains how to use all the main punctuation marks, from full stops and capital letters to semicolons and hyphens.
The book also includes regular proofreading exercises to check children's understanding.Key features of Understanding English include: an 'Explanation' to introduce each topic activities to consolidate and revise knowledge and skills thought-provoking facts to foster a love of learning beyond the National Curriculum 'Now you try' activities to develop children's understanding of English outside the classroom.
Answers are provided at the back of the book.

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