Stormbreaker – English Test Papers for Band 1 School Aspirants 雷霆攻破呈分試 – 英語 Book3

Stormbreaker – English Test Papers for Band 1 School Aspirants 雷霆攻破呈分試 – 英語 Book3
Stormbreaker – English Test Papers for Band 1 School Aspirants 雷霆攻破呈分試 – 英語 Book3
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Stormbreaker – English Test Papers for Band 1 School Aspirants
Book 3


出版社 Original Press (Asia) Ltd.
尺寸 16K (190 mm × 260 mm)


Stormbreaker – English Test Papers for Band 1 School Aspirants is a trilogy written specifically for primary 5 and 6 students who aim to excel in their studies. Each test paper helps students revise essential areas including grammar, vocabulary, language use, reading comprehension and comic strip and mind map writing.

  • All-in-one test papers with grammar, reading and writing tasks
  • Challenging exercises at intermediate to advanced levels for students aiming at top scores in English
  • Provide QR codes for accessing detailed video explanations for all questions


Special features:

    • The books cover frequently tested areas and include a range of question types from elite school test papers.
    • Careful score allocation means that there are few 2-mark questions and no 3-mark questions, so students are exposed to as many questions as possible within the time available to them.
    • Each book contains two sets of mock test papers - one relatively easier, the other more difficult.
    • For reading comprehension, equal emphasis is placed on long passages and data-based texts.
    • A wide range of reading passages focused on elements of Chinese and Hong Kong culture are incorporated. The titles include: The story of SARS-fighting doctor Tse Yuen-man, Du Fu, the Poet Saint, “Add oil” – now available in the dictionary, Durian, the pungent king of fruits, Recipe for pineapple buns and Cool things you never knew about leap years.
    • Each test paper includes a writing task with a model answer.
    • In addition to reading the suggested answers, students can access detailed video explanations of each question by scanning the QR codes.

    About the author

    Mr Charles Loy

    • Master of Arts in English Language Studies (with Distinction)
    • Holder of Cert TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
    • An internationally recognised English teacher
    • Attained distinctions in the English Phonetic Transcription assessment, the Hanyu Pinyin System assessment and Cantonese Romanisation & Cantonese Rendering of Middle Chinese Pronunciation assessment from The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Attained A in HKALE Use of English
    • Has 10 years of tutoring experience
    • Has helped countless students to excel in exams and get into their dream schools
    • Fully understands the challenges Hong Kong students face when learning English and the common mistakes they make
    • Made over a hundred video clips during the global lockdown period in 2020, enabling students to continue their learning from home

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