香港中學文憑試奪星快狠準 - 數學

香港中學文憑試奪星快狠準 - 數學
香港中學文憑試奪星快狠準 - 數學
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數學 (必修部分)

即 Path to Stars For HKDSE - Mathematics (Compulsory Part) 中文版

出版社 Hong Kong Joint-Us Press
尺寸 A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) ISBN 978-988-77104-9-3

  • Mock papers targeting HKDSE Sections A1 and A2 for weaker students
  • Help students intensively prepare to complete Sections A1 and A2 in under an hour
  • Format closely aligned with HKDSE past papers for students to keep up with the latest question-setting trends
  • Provide a detailed marking scheme for students to check answers and understand scoring rubrics


    • 一小時內容成甲部(1)及(2)
    • 全取甲部(1)及(2) 70分內含8份
    • 甲部 (1)及(2) 練習


        • 真實試卷形式,如臨其境
        • 特別針對甲部(1)及(2),掌握取分之道
        • 共8份試卷供操練,以期熟能生巧
        • 附評卷參考,考生可自行核對

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