Original Maths For Able Students 1A (2020)

Original Maths For Able Students 1A (2020)
Original Maths For Able Students 1A (2020)
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Original Maths For Able Students 1A (2020)

出版社: Original Press (Asia) Ltd.
尺寸: 16K (190 mm × 260 mm) ISBN: 978-988-14375-8-7

Original Maths for Able Students is a series of exercises especially written for secondary students who aim high at the exams.

The books contain questions that
  • are prepared in accordance with the current curriculum
  • are deliberately set at a high level of difficulty
  • link different chapters and topics, similar to those in exam papers
The books help
  • arouse students' interest in Maths
  • consolidate students' understanding of the syllabus
  • train students' problem-solving skills

Original Maths for Able Students 特別為期望在考試中獲取佳績的中學同學製作的一系列數學練習。

  • 按現行的課程大綱編寫
  • 題目富挑戰性
  • 可涉及不同的章節及課題,與試卷中的題目相似
  • 引起學生對數學的興趣
  • 鞏固同學對課程的理解
  • 訓練學生的解題能力

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