Mock to success - Integrated Science (F1)

Mock to success - Integrated Science (F1)
Mock to success - Integrated Science (F1)
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  • ISBN: 9789887710301

Mock To Success
Integrated Science - F1

Comprehensive practices for tests and exams

出版社 Hong Kong Joint-Us Press Ltd.
尺寸 A4 (210 mm × 297 mm)
ISBN: 978-988-77103-0-1

  • Different topics tested together for a more realistic exam experience
  • Include the most common exam question types: multiple-choice, true or false, fill in the blanks and structured questions
  • Papers set in the HKDSE format to bridge the gap to senior secondary
  • Provide easy-to-follow suggested solutions for students and parents to mark papers themselves
  • TWO tests and TWO exams

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