Last Minute English Language (DSE)

Last Minute English Language (DSE)
Last Minute English Language (DSE)
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LAST MINUTE ENGLISH LANGUAGE HKDSE gives both teachers and students a comprehensive insight into the crux of the new English Language syllabus. As the name 'LAST MINUTE' implies, it doesn't take readers a long time to get a better understanding of what the new syllabus is about. Key features include:
 Brief introduction to the papers to help readers familiarise with the new examination formats and contents
 Detailed and step-by-step analyses of Papers 1-4, including types of questions, techniques for tackling different papers, to help readers consolidate their understanding and examination skills
 Common errors in doing different sections to help students avoid common mistakes in the HKDSE English Language exam
 Quick review of important grammar items
 Useful vocabulary and phrases for writing
LAST MINUTE ENGLISH HKDSE 涵蓋新高中英語科程重點,有助老師和同學透徹了解新高中英語課程的核心內容。"LAST MINUTE",顧名思義,即讀者只須稍花時間便能對新英語課程有更深入的理解。本書特點包括:

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