Last Minute English (F2)

Last Minute English (F2)
Last Minute English (F2)
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About the three-book series LAST MINUTE ENGLISH F1-F3:
 Written in line with the latest CDC English Language Curriculum
 Small and handy reference for common grammar principles
 Comprehensive and systematic coverage of essential grammar concepts in a step-by-step approach
 Clear explanations supported by examples
 A "Check Point" exercise at the end of each chapter to consolidate what have learnt
 Vocabulary covering a wide variety of topics
 Useful examination skills for tackling the TSA
 Sample essays provided for students' reference
Features of the book:
 Further builds on the topics introduced in Book 1 and includes 2 new chapters "Adjectives" and "Direct Speech and Reported Speech" on English grammar
 Helps students consolidate their understanding of related topics covered in Book 1
 A vocabulary section featuring 12 new themes
 A more in-depth analysis of the formats of the TSA and exploration into advanced examination skills involved
《最後一分鐘英文》(F.1-F.3) 系列特點:
 更深入探討第一冊的內容,並介紹兩個新的文法概念:「形容詞」(Adjectives) 及「直述句與轉述句」(Direct Speech and Reported Speech)

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