Tricky Economics

Tricky Economics
Tricky Economics
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About the Tricky series:
 Full coloured printing, pocket-sized, easy to carry
 Adopting a light-hearted approach to make your learning process a fun experience
 The ace in the hole to save you from falling victim to the hidden exam traps
 Helps you get rid of misconceptions and beat the exam
Features of Tricky Economics:
 50 tricky questions
 Consists of 4 sections:
 Section 1 Misconceptions: Collects information that students may answer wrongly because of misunderstanding of concepts or failure in grasping the main ideas of the questions
 Section 2 Confusion: Clarifies the confusing concepts or terms that often lead to misinterpretation of questions, e.g. change in import volume and import value...
 Section 3 Miscalculation: Focuses on some numerical mistakes that usually appear in the questions on GDP and money market
 Section 4 Carelessness: Collects the tricky questions that students always answer wrongly for overlooking the negative words in the questions, e.g. incorrect, except, etc
Tricky 系列簡介:
 二、概念混淆:釐清題目內容易混淆的概念和專有名詞,如進口量(import volume)和進口值(import value)的轉變

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