Common Errors in Chemistry - Book 1

Common Errors in Chemistry - Book 1
Common Errors in Chemistry - Book 1
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About the Common Errors series:
 While Learning from our mistakes is one of the most effective ways of learning, we can also learn invaluable lessons from others' mistakes. The sort of errors that students make again and again in everyday school work and public examinations are explained in the books by typical examples and concise language. After reading the books, students should be able to avoid such future difficulties.
 The portable pocket-size of the books allows students do revision anytime.
About Common Errors in Chemistry:
 A total of 140 common errors in books 1 and 2, with
 This Book (Book 1) featuring common misconceptions related to the following 7 topics in the compulsory part of the NSS Chemistry Curriculum
 Topic I: Planet Earth,
 Topic II: Microscopic World I,
 Topic III: Metals,
 Topic IV: Acids and Bases, and
 Topic V: Fossil Fuels and Carbon Compounds
 Detailed explanations to help students clarify confusing concepts
 Meticulously designed to stimulate thinking to increase students' knowledge retention

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